Prime Tie
Prime Tie

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Primary Sales Ltd is the world-wide distributors for Prime Tie®

What are Prime Tie®?

Prime Tie® are a loop of nylon stocking material widely used and ideally suited for tying down canes in winter for crops such as kiwifruit and grapes, and tying up low hanging fruit and branches in kiwifruit, persimmons, apples etc...

What are the Advantages of Prime Tie®?

What are Prime Tie® Bundles?

Prime Tie® Bundles are bundles of about 25 Prime Tie® that are tied in a bundle all ready to slip straight onto your arm. So quick, so convenient, they just make sense...

We recognized that most users spent quite some time putting the Prime Tie® onto their arm each day as this was the most convenient and most efficient place to carry them.

We decided to make their job easier by putting the Prime Tie® in bundles of about 25 and tying them together with a Prime Tie®. Now you can just pick up enough Prime Tie® Bundles for the day and slip them onto your arm in a matter to seconds.

As well as saving time, there is no wastage as any waste material is removed during the bundling process.

What Pack Sizes do Prime Tie® come in?

Prime Tie® Bundles: 10 kg bulk box
1 kg bags (10 bags in a carton)
Prime Tie® Loose: 10 kg bulk box
1 kg bags (10 bags in a carton)

How Many Prime Tie® are there in 1 kg?

Typically, there are about 2300 Prime Tie® per kg, but it may vary from 2000 to 2500/kg depending on the thickness and weight of the individual Prime Tie®

Where Can I Buy Prime Tie®?

Within New Zealand, Primary Sales Ltd is a wholesaler only and does not sell direct to the public. You can purchase Prime Tie® from any horticultural retailer including the following:

Outside of New Zealand, contact us directly to arrange your purchase –


Prime Tie® are a recycled product that vary in weight, thickness and colour. Where the variation is too great making the Prime Tie® unsuitable for typical usage, Primary Sales Ltd will replace them at no cost within New Zealand. Please contact your retailer to arrange a replacement.

Helping the Environment

Prime Tie® are a recycled product, so when you use Prime Tie® you are helping reduce the amount of new plastic product that is being made and used for alternative products.

Helping the Underprivileged

Before Prime Tie are sold to you they need to have any waste material removed and the Prime Tie made up into Prime Tie Bundles. Primary Sales provides the equivalent of 35-40 full-time jobs for people in Bangladesh. Most are women who have no education, few job prospects and would otherwise have little or no opportunity to help provide for their families. They are able to work in a congenial and safe environment and receive a much better than average wage for their work. They do a wonderful job sorting unsuitable material out of the Prime Tie® and putting the Prime Tie® into bundles.

The work gives them the opportunity to earn a normal living in a country where jobs are very scarce. As demand for Prime Tie® increases, we can provide employment for more such people in Bangladesh.

Each 10kg box of Prime Tie® Bundles that you purchase provides a person in Bangladesh with employment for 2 days. We regard this as a far superior and effective way of helping these people than any amount of donations and foreign aid.

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The new Prime Tie® bundles - so easy and quick to put onto your arm.

Prime Tie

Prime Tie® used to tie down grapes at Twyford New Zealand.

Prime Tie

Prime Tie® used to tie in winter canes in kiwifruit in Te Puke New Zealand.

Prime Tie

Prime Tie® used to tie up short canes in kiwifruit in Te Puke New Zealand.

Prime Tie

Prime Tie® used in winter to tie in canes - ties loose enough to give the canes room to grow during the season

Prime Tie

Prime Tie® tying down canes in grapes at Twyford near Napier New Zealand.